Cal Punk’s owner/ artist Raul Ugarte, 37, was born and raised in the Antioch area by two incredible parents. He credits his father, Raul Sr., with giving him his ravishing good looks and his mother, Candy, with giving him all his talent. Raul has Always loved art and though he concentrated mainly on school growing up, he was drawing and painting when he was not studying. An independent art student through Antioch High School, Raul graduated with honors and went into a pre-dental program at the Univ. of the Pacific in Stockton, Ca. Two years later he transferred to Univ. Nevada Reno where he made art his primary subject. He studied digital media/ graphic design while bartending and frequenting the local tattoo shops. After doing some design work for Ace’s Tattoo in El Cerrito, Ca he began his apprenticeship at Battle Born Tattoo in Reno in October 2005 under owner / artist Archie Wood. He excelled quickly and was tattooing full time in only six months. He spent two years at Battle Born Tattoo and after 6 years behind the bar he moved home to work at East Bay Tattoo Co. in Brentwood, Ca. There he established his home client base over the next 2.5 years before deciding to open his own place in order to produce art and offer tattoos the way he feels is important in a tattoo experience.

He has been operating Cal Punk Studio since Jan 2010 and would like to thank all of his clients for being so great. He looks forward to finishing current projects while meeting new people and starting new work in order to produce his highest quality of art.

Artist Statement: As an artist I want to inspire the same love for tattooing and being tattooed as I have for the art I am so immersed in. I enjoy taking simple images from everyday life and adding a sense of style and design to best suit the client and desired location for the piece. Using sharp focus realism I strive to outdo myself constantly trying to make every piece my best pulling from the great artists that inspire me while I continue to develop my own signature style. I will take your ideas and conceptualize them into a cohesive flowing tattoo you can enjoy forever. I would like to thank All my family and friends for always being supportive in my pursuit of art as a career and for making everything possible. With them and their efforts we were able to pull our resources and combined talents to open a studio we are All very proud of. Please come visit us and become part of the rapidly growing family of Calculated Punkture Studio.